we must make difficult decisions because the

is on the verge of environmental disaster, which we are causing by polluting our planet with hundreds of thousands of tons of waste.

It is time to act,

not talk, because we do not have another planet.

Our planet is a stunning home, yet we often overlook its vast offerings, thoughtlessly causing harm on various fronts. In addition, many grapple with daily challenges like inequality, poverty, and climate change. It's imperative to take action; otherwise, the situation will worsen. Intereko Energia is dedicated to crafting a brighter future for all, fostering individual development and potential. We aim to nurture the inherent goodness in people and safeguard the Earth's beauty. We must put an end to problems robbing hope for a decent life. Each of us holds the responsibility to transform the world successfully, recognizing that today's actions shape the lives of our children and future generations. Equality is essential; the universal and interconnected nature of our goals, leaving no one behind, underscores the potential for significant change.

It's time to care for our planet reciprocally. Simple, cost-free actions can set us on the path to a happy, prosperous planet.

Discover these steps now and consider the consequences if we neglect to implement these principles.



RESPONSIBLE WASTE MANAGEMENT is much more then just handling the waste 

We look at waste conversion as the necessity that should be our planetary common practice, the substitute of unfortunate present waste dumping or landfilling. Based on our innovative capabilities, our curiosity and our creativity, that taught us how raw materials are extracted, processed, used and eventually made into products, we advocate for solutions on the end life of products, so that they can be seen not just as waste, but as profitable resource needed to be reused, recycled or converted into high value secondary raw materials, and only as a last option disposed in safe manner. 

Intereco Energy LLC is a company that builds the bridge into the future through technology driven by compassion to see life improved. We are dedicated to advancing and sustaining health for all people through environmental friendly solutions, organically driven agriculture, and healthcare systems patient driven, not profit motivated. Maintaining integrity at all costs, and making transparency a priority, are the ingredients of focus for this company. 

For us “waste” constitute an endless pull of resources the industry might still not know  how to tap into, but we are driven to find a way. Our technologies, services and projects consist of immediate relief with a focus towards creating an  
engine of sustainability and circular economy. 

Our services and products are targeted to support: 

Production companies in environmental solutions for minimizing waste problems ​and maximizing their energy efficiency

Within our environmental audits we provide in depth analysis of current practices at each productions stage (production, collection, transport, waste management) and then propose improvement solutions supporting product re-design or new product creation - selection of materials enabling subsequent recycling, optimization of production lines with main goal to minimize waste production and energy use. 

We can assist any type of industry in developing environmental strategy focused on sustainable development goals - ESG, assessing present carbon footprint, and proposing optimizing processes in terms of CO2 emissions and Waste-2-Energy technologies. 

We care about the future of the WORLD Every day!!!

In cooperation with our international partners, we take action to implement the Sustainable Development Goals around the world. Our activity in this area includes consulting and connecting project partners, capital funds, governments and other related parties. The aim is to create a platform for the implementation of sustainable projects in developing countries that take care of the synergy of economic, environmental and social aspects. Through a joint effort in creating sustainable initiatives and strengthening cohesion in these key elements stimulating the growth of prosperity of entire societies, we provide effective solutions and set directions for sustainable transformation in relation to selected Sustainable Development Goals.

Intereco Energy LLC

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