Sustainable development projects tailored to your needs 

We are driven to bring sustainable development at the local level, where communities can benefit direct and are giving the opportunity for fair-wages employment, healthy working conditions and environment that support their all basic needs for food, clean water and sanitation, renewable energy, affordable housing, and access to basic medical care. 

INTERECO ENERGY LLC was founded on the dedication to understand and managed communal based sustainable development projects, by anticipating their needs and supporting them in achieving their long-term sustainable development goals.

Our approach to project development consist of IDENTIFYING CLIENT’s NEEDS, providing them with the BEST SOLUTION PROPOSAL, in order to IMPLEMENT INITIAL ACTION PLAN, that creates the base for further sustainability of long-term development projects. 


Our role is to listen to our clients needs and to provide them with the right solution to their problems.
The client choses the projects objectives, the fields of initial cooperation and the targets they wish to achieve. We offer them access to the wide network of partner’s companies and reaserch institutions with US and European who are ready and willing to work with us, to provide the most suitable solution to the initial problem at hand. This allow us to present to our clients the vast portfolio of products, technologies and ideas to develop and change any environmental and social issue into the solution orientated projects, beneficial at longer scale. 


The initial phase of our work starts with feasibility studies, where during initial SWOT analysis, we look on both barriers and opportunities, to identify the strengths and weaknesses which can influence the sustainability of any given projects. By auditing local conditions we can gather all necessary data regarding given problem, that will become a base for tailored made solution plan. We seek to manage possible risks and look for opportunities to create strong local strategic partnerships as an imperative and key factor to success of each project. An important aspect while choosing the local partnerships is their technical capabilities and his willingness to expend and cooperate in sustainable way.


Our main drive is to deliver our client light-house case projects, to provide for a quick and tangible proof of concept, showing how tailored projects can assist in sustainable development of local communities. With convinces and engaged communities on one hand and strategic know-how and technological partners on the other hand, the broader development platform can be created and attach further projects’ development. The advantage os such proposal is, that it delivers for compressive solutions with immediate reseals to the most crucial problems, and creates solid cooperation base, allowing for long term sustainable  communities development rooted in local natural resources. 

Our determination and  effort allows for Intereco Energy LLC to develop and managed any sustainable development projects and deliver tailored made, turn-key solution that includes:

  • Development of the concept and strategy for management of given local challenges that seek for comprehensive solution to environmental or social problems at hand in designated area.
  • Proposing solution of best-practice based on proved and effective technologies, adopted to local needs.
  • Design, build and operate at initial phase the installation / facilities in cooperation with local partners.
  • Provide for ecological education of good practice, environmental and technical consulting during and after the project implementation.

Our main priority and strength are targeted at local projects that benefits the entire country by creating a cleaner and healthier environment for its citizens, while achieving at least 10 SDGs, such as:

GOAL 3 - Good Health and Prosperity,
GOAL 4 - Good Quality of Education,
GOAL 6 - Clean Water and Sanitation,
GOAL 7 - Clean and Affordable Energy,
GOAL 8 - Economic Growth and Decent Work,
GOAL 9 - Industry, Innovation and Infrastructure,
GOAL 11 - Sustainable Cities and Communities,
GOAL 12 - Responsible Consumption and Production,
GOAL 13 - Climate Action,
GOAL 17 - Partnership for the Goals.


We offer solutions for governments of developing countries, helping in creating new integrated waste management systems, allowing for the transformation of the existing waste problem into a system managed in a sustainable manner, where, by implementing innovative technological processes, creating local partnerships and infrastructure, new resources can be obtained, such as alternative energy sources and materials with high added value. Such an integrated waste management system creates many benefits that allow the government to:

  • Minimize up to 90% of waste accumulation in the landfill, significantly reduce the transportation costs associated with landfill disposal.
  • Gain control and knowledge of the exact amounts of waste and its composition.Prevent health and environmental risks that are caused by current practice.
  • Benefit from profits from selected secondary raw materials collected after segregation, and thus help to balance the costs resulting from waste management.
  • Create dedicated stations that will handle only hazardous waste and will not mix with municipal waste, and thus prevent biological and chemical pollution.
  • Create a waste disposal system that is energy-independent from the main grid, and in the case of larger plants, create energy surpluses.
  • Create a system that will structure the employment of employees and make it less hazardous to their health, while creating a permanent employment niche for new industry.
  • Use equipment if necessary mobile also to reduce the amount of waste in other places.


We believe that environmental sound behaviors should be taught from very young age, thus our education efforts focus mainly on kinds and youth, who will play and important role in taken care of the planet in the near future. 
Our educational initiative is intended as complementary holistic program to empower children and to shape the expected environmental consciousness attitudes. Due to our collaboration with teachers, environmental experts we are capable of developing comprehensive environmental education program, focused primarily on ecological principles, biodiversity

conservation and importance of sustainable use of natural resources. Through engaging, interactive lessons, and home projects, we wish to encourage children to become environmental stewards and champions of sustainable practices in their communities.
Our programs is build around created character “Eko” - robotic super hero, that provides solutions to environmental problems while actively engaging citizens in local initiatives. Based on this character, we develop a series of comic books and short animations, each targeting one of main Sustainable Development Golas.

This type of visual teaching methods is applied in our lessons conducted with young children to actively engage them and show that each of them can become such local environmental hero in their district, and thus be a local beacon of sustainable change.